Fellowes Automax Shredder

Working in an office environment you must surely be aware of the manufacturer brand, Fellowes. Fellowes are one of the industry frontrunners in the office products sector and produce many office products which you’d utilize on a regular basis.

Fellowes Automax Walk Away Shredder

Set it up and walk away

The AutoMax is as they consider it, the first walk away shredder. Just open up the drawer add all your papers, flat, crumpled it just doesn’t make a difference, as well as Cds, DVDs, direct mail as well as brochures. The Fellowes AutoMax has the artificial intelligence in order to arrange, feed as well as shred without the need for interaction from you. Very simple to use plus hassle-free. This would be a massive difference for any fast paced office environment because of its time reducing potential.

Fellowes Automax In ActionYou are no longer required to spend time ensuring that the shredder is actually loading your documents correctly and isn’t jammed. Just place all of your excess papers and documentation straight into the tray, start the shredder and you are complete. Giving you additional time to complete other pursuits.

Security is obviously on top of anyone’s check list. Have no fear, the Automax will definitely cross cut your paper and documents into compact confetti like pieces.

Fellowes Continue Developing Innovative Office Products

It is important for the company to be releasing and upgrading their products and services which will continue to improve and expand their business. To find yourself in front of their competition, it was vital for Fellowes to make the optimal shredder available on the market. It was important in which the features along with functionality was indeed unequalled, something that you continually feel safe with when you buy any Fellowes item. It was their intention to get rid of limitations that have forever been in place with existing auto feed paper shredders. The tagline in which Fellowes have given to the Automax is a walk away shredder, and there’s doubt that this has been accomplished.

Two Options Of Shredder

There are a couple of choices from the Fellowes AutoMax shredder – typically the 300C and also the 500C. There are very few specs adjustments to either model, having said that there are a few minor variances.

Fellowes AutoMax shredders really are one of a kind and also have set the pace for it’s competition There is absolutely no doubting that this is the best quality shredder available on the market and really has set the standard.

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